Thai Cooking Classes

Thai Class Setup

Ready for class. Ingredients and tools are set up in stations for each recipe.

My friend Heather asked if I would be interested in doing a Thai cooking class for her bridal shower.  The idea intrigued me, I love a good challenge and had been bandying around the idea of hosting cooking classes.  I said yes.

In the end, the bridal shower was themed “Thai the Knot”.  It was held in Butte, MT at a local church kitchen.  We had approximately 20 guests in attendance.  Fifteen of those participated in the “class” and the others sat back, chitchatted and observed the activity in the kitchen.  All total, they made a Vietnamese Meatball appetizer, Thai Cucumber salad, shrimp Panang curry, Tom Yum Goong (Thai shrimp soup), and for dessert a sticky rice pudding.

It was a fantastic way to celebrate a friend’s upcoming wedding.  In the end, we had a full Thai meal and everyone walked away with a better understanding of Thai cooking.  For me, the fun was in the details; I answered many a question about where particular ingredients such as kaffir lime leaves, Panang curry, and lemon grass could be found.  I was able to highlight their local market, Front Street Market, for some of those ingredients.

A few weeks later, my friend Amy asked if I would put on a Thai cooking class for her aunts, mom and sister who were coming to visit Helena for Amy’s birthday. I agreed and adjusted the menu for 8. We held it on our usual Thursday Martini night. In addition to Amy’s family, Erin and Cooper joined us. Erin helped with dishes, Cooper took photos.  It was an amazing evening; drinking, cooking and finally eating a wonderful meal with great people.

Van Dam Class Participants

Amy and family. Chai martinis in hand.

Prep for Cucumber Salad

Prepping for Thai cucumber salad


Erin's dishpan hands. Thanks Erin!

If you have any interest in hosting a cooking class put on by me, email me at There are many options for classes (Indian, Thai, Sushi, Mexican, American, etc) and for numbers of attendees. Classes will range from $30 to $50 per person depending on the class subject.


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  1. Wow!! It all looks awesome! What a great idea…thanks for posting the recipes too!

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