Helena Farmers Market

Helena Farmer's Market

Helena Farmer's Market at the Lewis & Clark Fairgrounds

My friend Julian and I went to the Helena Farmers Market this morning.  It has moved from the summer location of Fuller Avenue to the Fairgrounds in the new grand stand building.  It will be held there for the next 5 weeks. 

The new space is great for this particular use.  The wall of windows on the southeast side of the building let the bright morning sun shine through into the market space.  I almost felt like I was back at Pike Place Market in Seattle.  Almost. 

There is still some fall produce being sold.  I bought some crisp, deep green spinach, fresh arugula, thick leeks for a crazy minimal price and a huge red onion from one vendor.  I found my favorite free range eggs from another Sheep Spring Farm

Farmer's Market purchases

My spinach, leeks, arugula, onion and free range eggs from the Helena Farmer's Market.

I got home loaded down with my “harvest” and got busy making breakfast.  When I sat down to eat, I realized that my meal was all local.  Now, the coffee beans obviously weren’t from here BUT they were roasted by Firetower Coffee here in town. 

There is some opinion that when you have an opportunity to either buy local or organic brought in from distant areas, your best option is to buy local.  The reasoning is that less fossil fuel is used to bring the goods to market, there’s a good chance that the producer is growing organic but cannot afford the certification nor the chemicals that would make it non-organic and that lastly you are supporting a local economy.  I also like the fact that you have the opportunity to actually talk to the producer and ask any pertinent questions about the goods.  I even ask if I can visit their farm/facility.  I always get a resounding “yes!” response.

Local Breakfast

My mostly locally sourced breakfast.


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  1. Where’s the toast?

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